Gary Campbell

GARY CAMPBELL is Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Rocketinfo Inc.
Mr. Campbell has a long-standing interest in the discovery, development
and introduction of innovative technologies, as well as the creative
application of new technological concepts to business. As a former
telecommunications, high technology and securities attorney, Mr.
Campbell was responsible for organizing the legal and business affairs
of numerous broadcasting, telecommunications and advanced technology
clients. As the CEO of Globestar Capital Corp., Mr. Campbell was
instrumental in the formation, operation and financing of a number of
public companies. Mr. Campbell has extensive experience in reviewing,
arranging, structuring and administering the startup, development and
market introduction of several hardware and software based ventures,
including the Anyweb/Screenphone Web browsing telephone developed in
conjunction with Mitsui and Samsung Inc. Mr. Campbell currently sits on
the Board of NationsRx, Inc., a public Web-based healthcare company, and
Immortality, Inc., a private health and wellness company. Mr. Campbell
also sits on the Board of Advisors of Karatcom Inc., a private cellular
telecommunications tower developer. Mr. Campbell has degrees in both
Commerce and Law.

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