Marvin S. Hausman

Dr. MARVIN S. HAUSMAN has served as a Director and President and Chief
Executive Officer of Axonyx, Inc., since January 1997. Dr. Hausman was a
co-founder of Medco Research Inc., a pharmaceutical biotechnology
company specializing in adenosine products. He has 30 years’ experience
in drug development and clinical care. Dr. Hausman received his medical
degree from New York University School of Medicine in 1967 and has done
residencies in General Surgery at Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York, and in
Urological Surgery at U.C.L.A. Medical Center in Los Angeles. He also
worked as a Research Associate at the National Institutes of Health,
Bethesda, Maryland. He has been a lecturer, clinical instructor and
attending surgeon at the U.C.L.A. Medical Center Division of Urology and
Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles. He has been a Consultant on
clinical/pharmaceutical research to various pharmaceutical companies,
including Bristol-Meyers International, Mead-Johnson Pharmaceutical
Company, Medco Research, Inc., and E.R. Squibb. Since October 1995 Dr.
Hausman has been the President of Northwest Medical Research Partners,
Inc., a medical technology and transfer company. Dr. Hausman served on
the Board of Directors of Oxis International, Inc. from March 2002 to
November 2003. The company currently owns approximately 53% of the
outstanding common stock of Oxis. He was a member of the Board of
Directors of Medco Research, Inc., from inception (1978) through 1992
and from May 1996 to July 1998. Dr Hausman was a member of the Board of
Directors of Regent Assisted Living, Inc., a company specializing in
building assisted living centers including care of senile dementia
residents, from March 1996 to April 2001. In February he became a member
of the Board of Directors of Arbios and in August 2004 rejoined the
Board of Directors of Oxis.