David S. Wilson

DAVID S. WILSON is a co-managing partner of Keim-Wilson Associates. Mr.
Wilson has over 30 years of experience as an analyst and portfolio
manager. He is responsible for co-managing the equity portfolio of the
firm’s two private investment portfolios, Kensington Partners, L.P. and
Kensington Partners II, L.P., its offshore fund, Bald Eagle Fund, Ltd.,
and its individual accounts. Mr. Wilson was a former general partner at
Davidson Weil Associates, where he was a general analyst with
responsibility for selecting equities for the portfolio. He began his
career as an analyst for Shearson Hammill and Co. where he covered a
variety of industries at first, but later specialized in the real estate
and housing industries. He is a member of the Association for Investment
Management and Research and the New York Society of Security Analysts.
He is a graduate of Villanova University, where he majored in Economics.
He is married with two children.

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