David H. M. Baker

DAVID H.M. BAKER, CFA, is Managing Principal and Chief Investment Officer at North American Management. Previously, he was a Principal of Berents & Hess Capital Management prior to its 2001 merger with North American Management. In 1998, he founded Rivendell Capital, which he later merged with Berents & Hess. His prior experience includes Cilluffo Associates LP, a proactive hedge fund, PNC Finanical, and Lehman Brothers. He is on the Boards of Advisors for FastAsset, Inc., Great Island Lobster LLC, and the Egan Entertainment Network. He is founder of Rivendell Ventures LLC, Mariel Technologies LLC and Airnet Connect LLC. He has also been columnist for WorldlyInvestor, an online investment site. He received a BS in Finance and Investments from Babson College.