David Baker

DAVID BAKER, CFA, is a Portfolio Manager/Analyst for North American
Management Corporation. Mr. Baker was previously a Portfolio Manager at
Rivendell Capital Management, his own investment management firm that he
founded in 1999 and that later merged with Berents Hess. Prior to that
he was a Research Analyst and General Partner at Cilluffo Associates,
LP. Before that, he served as a risk management specialist at PNC
Financial Corporation and an Analyst at Shearson Lehman Brothers. In
November 2001 Berents & Hess merged with North American Management in
which Mr. Baker became a Principal. In addition, he co-manages the
Vision Investors, LP, hedge fund as well as separate portfolios for high
net worth individuals. He has been a columnist for Worldlyinvestor, an
online investment site, and was one of the founding members of the
company. He is a member of the Boston Security Analysts Association. He
also actively manages a 600-acre western New Hampshire hillside organic
farm. Mr. Baker holds a BS in Finance and Investments from Babson