David A. Cunningham

DAVID A. CUNNINGHAM is President and CEO of Mobile Computing
Corporation. Mr. Cunningham has spent nearly 20 years in senior
corporate sales and marketing positions with computer and
telecommunications companies in both North America and international
markets. He brings experience specific to mobile wireless fleet
management with his most recent role as President and CEO with Geotek
Communications Canada Inc., an international wireless company supplying
technology solutions to mobile fleet operations. He is a past board
member of the CWTA in Canada and presently sits on the SMR board of
CWTA. Previously, Mr. Cunningham was President of Shaw Mobilecomm
(formerly NPC/Scotpage), a subsidiary of Shaw Communications Inc., one
of Canada’s largest paging companies. Mr. Cunningham has gained sales
and marketing experience with several other technology companies
including Bull HN Information Systems, Intelogic Trace/Datapoint Canada
and Xerox Canada.