Darien C. Dash

DARIEN C. DASH is the Founder, Chairman and CEO of DME Interactive
Holdings, Inc. Mr. Dash formed DME Interactive Holdings, Inc. as a
privately held company in August 1994 with the mission of expanding the
hardware and software infrastructure within minority communities. In
June 1999, DME Interactive Holdings, Inc. became the first publicly
traded African-American owned Internet company in history. With
experience in the entertainment, recording and technology industries,
Mr. Dash’s endeavors have enabled him to build a successful and
distinctive business model for DME Holdings. Mr. Dash is a graduate of
University of Southern California from the Emerging Leadership Program,
with a major in Political Science. He immediately entered the technology
industry, specifically the cable and music hardware sector. After
firsthand experience with the lack of attention by the leading
telecommunication communities to implement technology in the homes and
lives of the minority communities due to existing misconceptions, Mr.
Dash committed himself to filling the void in this industry. DME
Holdings began solely providing business solution to companies entering
and developing in the technology arena. Most recently, Mr. Dash worked
with his team to launch Places of Color, a division of DME Interactive
Holdings, Inc. Places of Color is the answer and solution to the
identified need for urban-oriented ISP services, hardware and
application consumer line. As a pioneer and activist within the
interactive new media community, Mr. Dash speaks across the country on
national forums such as the CEO Panel hosted by Harvard Law School’s
Black Alumni; National Urban League’s Youth Summit; and The
Congressional Digital Divide Summit Hosted by William Daley, former
Secretary of Commerce. He has appeared in Congress for testimony before
the Small Business Committee on the Digital Divide, and nationally on
MSNBC’s special ‘Summit in Silicon Valley’ and live special from Alabama
focusing on Race in America. Mr. Dash was featured on CNN Live from Town
Hall, The Survival of Small Business; has been profiled on CNN’s Mover
with Jan Hopkins; and was Dateline’s winner as the survivor of the
Internet Entrepreneur. Mr. Dash also actively participates by giving his
time as a member of the Board of Directors to non-profit organizations
including MOUSE (Making Opportunities for Upgrading Schools &
Education), Chess in School and The National Urban League. Last year, he
was named the Technology Chair for District 5 by Superintendent Thelma
Baxter in NYC’s Harlem to help chart the course of technology for
students within this historic community. DME Interactive Holdings has
been awarded the 2000 Regional and National Technology Firm of the Year
by the Department of Commerce. Mr. Dash has received awards from the
University of Southern California, KIP Business Report, and The
Abyssinian Development Corporation. He received a BA in Political
Science and Leadership from the University of Southern California.

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