Daniel T. Meisenheimer

DANIEL T. MEISENHEIMER, III founded the United States Basketball League
in December, 1984. At the time he founded the USBL, Meisenheimer was the
youngest Commissioner of any professional sports league in history at
age 33. During the past thirteen years, Meisenheimer has guided the USBL
through its early growth and has established new objectives for the
League. In 1996, Meisenheimer helped the USBL become the first publicly
traded sports league. Now fans can own a piece of the USBL. Other
ambitious plans call for measured growth with expansion franchises and
consistent upgrading of every USBL franchise. The objective is for all
USBL teams to become profitable and appreciate over the next few years.
As a spokesman for the League, he has appeared on major television
networks and has been featured in numerous prominent publications.
Before founding the United States Basketball League, Meisenheimer
founded Meisenheimer Capital, the parent company of the USBL. The parent
company was brought public through an initial offering of public stock
in the fall of 1984. Meisenheimer Capital is a venture capital company
with interests in three different entities. Meisenheimer has served as
President and Chairman of the Board since the company was founded. Prior
to the establishment of Meisenheimer Capital and the USBL, Meisenheimer
was an account executive at Merrill Lynch for three years. Prior to
that, he was a fifth grade teacher in Orange, CT. He is an active member
of Milford Rotary and a member of the Board of Orange Soccer. In
addition, for the past several years Meisenheimer has been involved with
Indian Guides, Orange Little League, Boy Scouts of America and Orange
Swimming Association with his two sons. This past year he coached the
Orangemen 7th and 8th grade basketball team. He is a Director of
Spectrum Associates, a manufacturing company in Milford, CT founded in
1957. Other memberships include A.F. & A.M. Ansantawae Lodge, Milford,
CT and Oak Lane Country Club, Woodbridge, CT. Meisenheimer, 48, lives in
Orange, CT. He and his wife Jean have two sons, Daniel T. Meisenheimer
IV (18), and James Alexander Meisenheimer (14).