Daniel A. Roling

DANIEL A. ROLING is a First Vice President and Senior Industry
Specialist covering the metals, mining, and steel industry for
Merrill Lynch. Since joining the department in 1981, he has
become Merrill Lynch’s foremost expert on coal and nonferrous
metals and mining. Prior to joining Merrill Lynch, Mr. Roling had
been with Waddell & Reed, Inc., for two years where he covered
steel, nonferrous metals and mining, coal, and machinery stocks.
He is ranked third on Institutional Investor’s All-American
Research Team, and has been a member 18 times. He is also highly
ranked in the Greenwich Associates’ poll and the Brendan Wood
International (Canadian) survey. Mr. Roling is a Certified Public
Accountant (CPA) and Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA). He is a
member of the Institute of Certified Public Accountants,
Association for Investment Management and Research, New York
Society of Security Analysts, and Nonferrous Metals Analysts of
New York. Mr. Roling serves as a member of the National Coal
Council (NCC). He was appointed to and currently serves on the
Advisory Board of the College of Business Administration at the
University of Iowa, his alma mater. Mr. Roling earned a BBA in
Accounting from the University of Iowa and an MBA from the
University of Kansas.