Dan Gelbart

DAN GELBART is Chief Technology Officer of Creo Inc. He has a lifelong
interest in developing technology and products combining electronics,
optics and precision mechanics. He holds a BSc and MSc in Electrical
Engineering from the Technion. His work has been recognized within the
scientific and research community, as well as in the marketplace. In
1986 he was awarded the BC Science Council Gold Medal, in 1994 an
Honorary Doctorate from Simon Fraser University, and in 1999 he was
awarded the Gold Medal by the Institute of Printing. In Canada, Mr.
Gelbart worked first for MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates Ltd. where
he was involved in starting two local high-tech companies: MDI-Motorola
and Cymbolic Sciences. Both companies were founded to exploit technology
patented by him and both achieved market leadership in their fields
(mobile data terminals and color film recorders). In 1984, he co-founded
Creo Products Inc. From 1984-1992 Creo was involved in optical data
storage, shifting to printing in 1992. Today Creo employs over 4,300
people, has annual revenues of C$1 billion and is the world’s largest
supplier of computer-to-plate systems. At Creo he pioneered the thermal
exposure technology, which later won the 1996 GATF award and was
followed by the major players in the industry.

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June 14, 2004