Chris W. Antley

CHRIS W. ANTLEY is Senior Vice President for CCM Investment Advisers. He
joined the firm after graduating from the Honors College of the
University of South Carolina in 1988 and then receiving his Master of
Business Administration degree from the University of South Carolina in
1990. While at CCM, Mr. Antley has worked in all areas of investment
management, including corporate accounting, portfolio accounting,
quantitative modeling, asset allocation, macro-economic research, equity
and fixed income fundamental research, and portfolio management. Mr.
Antley serves as Chief Equity Strategist for CCM and is responsible for
development of the CCM Equity Model. His individual areas of fundamental
research include the technology and retail sectors. Mr. Antley also has
responsibility for the management of client portfolios, marketing
support, and oversight of information technology, portfolio accounting
and administration for CCM.