Brian A. Robbins

BRIAN A. ROBBINS is President and Chief Executive Officer of Exco
Technologies Limited since 1978. Prior to joining the company he was
President, Unex Enterprises Ltd., 1980; Director, Ontario Power
Generation Inc.; Devtek Corporation; Noma Industries Limited; Telepanel
Systems Inc.; Airboss of America Corp.; Allgoods Inc.; and Chairman,
Tecsyn International Inc. Mr. Robbins was Entrepreneur of the Year
Finalist, 1994. He was educated at the University of Waterloo, and
received a B.A.Sc, 1970. He is married with two children. Mr. Robbins’
affiliations include: The Goodwood Club, Beacon Hall Golf Club,
Timberlane Tennis Club, The Fitness Institute; Inverness Golf Club, East
Hill Club and Secession Golf Club.