Bill Bradley

BILL BRADLEY, President and Chief Executive Officer of Enlighten
Software Solutions, Inc. Mr. Bradley possesses over twenty years of
sales, marketing and management experience in the high-technology
industry particularly in the area of new business development. He has
proven to be instrumental in developing key relationships for Enlighten
including those with TurbLinux; IBM; GE’s IT distribution businesses,
Access Graphics and Integration Alliance; Silicon Graphics; and others.
Mr. Bradley joined Enlighten Software in August 1998 as Vice President,
Business Development and Marketing. From October 1997 through August
1998, Mr. Bradley served as a consultant to the company focusing on
business development, strategic planning, and marketing. Mr. Bradley
served as President of Design Technology, Inc., a software development
and consulting firm in Denver, CO, from July 1995 through October 1997.
He started his career at IBM in the Data Processing Division and is a
graduate of Colorado College.