Anu D. Saad

ANU D. SAAD, PhD, is President, Chief Executive Officer and a Director
of IMPATH Inc., a leader in providing specialized expertise and
information leading to the more accurate and effective diagnosis,
prognosis and treatment of cancer. Dr. Saad joined IMPATH in 1990 as
Scientific Director, and also served as Director of Business Development
for the company before assuming her current position in 1993. Prior to
joining IMPATH, Dr. Saad was on the faculty of Cornell University
Medical College-New York Hospital in the Department of Cell Biology and
Anatomy. Dr. Saad’s research focused on the molecular and cellular
mechanisms of development. Using skeletal muscle as a model system, Dr.
Saad performed landmark studies on the mechanisms of differentiation.
Dr. Saad has published extensively and is the recipient of several
distinguished awards and honors, including a New Investigator Research
Award from the National Institutes of Health, and others from the
Muscular Dystrophy Association, Charles H. Revson Foundation, Inc., the
Andrew W. Mellon Foundation and the American Cancer Society. Since
joining IMPATH, Dr. Saad has been involved in several studies focused on
elucidating the biology of tumor progression. Dr. Saad earned her BA in
Biology from the University of Pennsylvania and her PhD in Development
Biology from the University of Pennsylvania and her PhD in Developmental
Biology from the University of Chicago. Dr. Saad completed her post-
doctoral training at Cornell University Medical College.

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