Alexander P. Paris

ALEXANDER P. PARIS, SR., has over three decades of experience in the
investment field and is one of the best-known economists and investment
strategists in the business. Mr. Paris is currently President of
Barrington Research Associates, a research brokerage firm providing
economic and investment research to institutional investors, including
most of the leading mutual funds, banks, pension funds, insurance
companies and other professional investors. He is also President of
Barrington Asset Management, a registered investment advisory firm
specializing in small and mid-cap growth stock investment management.
His monthly economic publication, the Alexander Paris Report, has been a
favorite of institutional, corporate and individual investors for over
two decades. In addition to regular economic and research publications,
Mr. Paris has also written several books, including two editions of the
best-selling ‘The Coming Credit Collapse,’ which accurately forecast the
recent problems in the banking, consumer and corporate sectors. He is
also the author of ‘A Complete Guide to Trading Profits,’ which explains
technical analysis in the stock market. Mr. Paris holds a Bachelor’s
degree in Economics and Master’s degrees in both Economics and Finance
from Michigan State University. He is a Chartered Financial Analyst and
lives with his family in Barrington Hills, Illinois.