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A Three-Stage Process to Long-Term Value Investing

Buckingham, John
John Buckingham is Chief Investment Officer at Al Frank Asset Management. Mr. Buckingham leads a team that scrutinizes hundreds of stocks for money management clients and subscribers to The Prudent Speculator investment newsletter, of which he is the Editor. He is equally resolute in his management of Al Frank Asset Management’s proprietary mutual funds. Mr. Buckingham has been a part of the firm since 1987 and is one of the company’s largest shareholders. He has served as the firm’s Director of Research since 1989 and Chief Portfolio Manager since 1990. Mr. Buckingham graduated magna cum laude from the University of Southern California in 1987 with a B.S. in computer science and a minor in business administration. His opinion is widely sought; Mr. Buckingham has appeared on numerous television and radio programs, is frequently interviewed by publications and conducts workshops at investment seminars. Profile
TWST: AFAM started as an investment newsletter and then grew into an investment firm. How did that evolve?

Mr. Buckingham: Al Frank, the founder of the firm, was a