Turkey is All Upside for Alamos Gold According to CEO John McCluskey

December 6, 2018

John A. McCluskey is President, Chief Executive Officer and Director of Alamos Gold Inc. He has been the President and Chief Executive Officer of Alamos Gold Inc. since 2003. Mr. McCluskey began his career with Glamis Gold Ltd. In 1996, he founded Grayd Resource Corporation, where he was CEO until 2003 and co-founded Alamos with mining hall of famer Chester Millar.

Mr. McCluskey was named Ontario’s 2012 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year, based on a judging panel’s assessment of financial performance, vision, leadership, innovation, personal integrity and influence, social responsibility and entrepreneurial spirit. Today, Alamos is an established intermediate gold producer with four operating mines in North America and a portfolio of development-stage projects in Turkey, Mexico, Canada and the United States.

In this exclusive 3,291 word interview in the Wall Street Transcript, Mr. McCluskey details his experience in building a gold mining company from the bottom up and explains the future upside:

“… When we purchased the project, gold was around $265 per ounce, and frankly, not a single ounce that had been drilled out by Placer Dome could be produced at a profit given the very low gold price, but that’s typically the time you have to buy. We stepped in and bought it, and we ultimately permitted, financed and built the mine. It’s now been in production since 2005, so roughly 14 years. We’ve produced close to 2 million ounces of gold, and we’ve made over $400 million in free cash flow from that mining operation. So that was the start of the company.”

John McCluskey is excited about the prospects for his new mine in Turkey:

“In addition to that, we have three projects in Turkey that collectively contain about 3 million ounces of gold. This includes a deposit called Kirazli, another called Agi Dagi and the third called Camyurt. The first of those three is under construction right now, and that’s the Kirazli project. It should be in production by the second half of 2020.”

To get the full picture of his Turkish mine as well as many other new projects coming on line for Alamos Gold, read the entire 3,291 word interview in the Wall Street Transcript.