PSB Holdings CEO Scott Cattanach Explains the Benefits of Banking in North-Central Wisconsin

February 20, 2019

Scott M. Cattanach began in August 2017 as the new President and Chief Executive Officer of PSB Holdings, Inc. and Peoples State Bank. He joined Peoples State Bank as Chief Financial Officer in 2002 after 11 years of serving banks as a CPA with Wipfli LLP. He has more than 27 years of experience working with community banks in central Wisconsin.

Mr. Cattanach is responsible for setting strategic direction and for ensuring the growth and profitability of Peoples for the benefit of customers, shareholders and other stakeholders. He is past president of MC United Soccer Club, representing over 350 youth soccer players and teams affiliated with the Wisconsin Youth Soccer Association.

In this exclusive 3,379 word interview with the Wall Street Transcript, Mr. Cattanach describes his strategy for PSB Holdings and his tactics for making investors happy.

“Peoples State Bank was founded in 1962 by a group of Wausau, Wisconsin, small-business owners who weren’t getting their financial needs met by larger banks. We have always had a focus on serving local business owners and the unique financing needs of their entrepreneurial spirit.

We are a $900 million-in-assets community bank with nine locations in north-central Wisconsin as well as a Milwaukee loan production office opened in 2016 and a Stevens Point loan production office opened in 2018. Our common stock is traded on the OTC Markets under the ticker PSBQ.”

The specific geography of People’s powers the better than average returns of this bank:

“Our traditional north-central Wisconsin market area has a higher concentration of manufacturing employment as a percentage of total employment than even the state of Wisconsin, which has a higher manufacturing employment percentage when compared to the nation. We do a lot of commercial lending with local job-shop type of manufacturers that sometimes even have operations interconnected with other independent local manufacturing operations.

We are looking to develop capabilities in stronger treasury management services in connection with commercial credit so that we can help to support that industry in our home market.”

Get the complete picture from the People’s Bank CEO in this exclusive 3,379 word interview in the Wall Street Transcript.