Jason Wulff Finds the Small Cap ESG Hero Stocks for 2020

February 18, 2020

Jason Wulff, CFA, is a Portfolio Manager and joined Eagle Asset Management, Inc., an affiliate of Carillon Tower Advisers, in 2015. He is Lead Portfolio Manager for the Eagle SMID Cap ESG Select Strategy and SMID Cap Strategy and Portfolio Co-Manager for the Small Cap Strategy.

Mr. Wulff has 19 years of investment and financial industry experience and previously worked alongside members of his current Eagle investment team at Sentinel Asset Management.

In this exclusive 2,530 word interview, Mr. Wulff reveals the core components of his investment strategy:

“It’s remarkable with all this talk going on in the environment, we’re increasingly having management teams come and ask us about our perspectives on diversity, on executive compensation and on sustainability. And we think that’s where real value is being created, and we’re pretty excited about that opportunity.”

Cobining the E,S,G strategy with a positive cash flow filter results in above average returns:

“In the small-cap universe, we know there’s a lot of nonearners. I mean, almost 40% of the index doesn’t generate profits, doesn’t generate free cash flow.

In tech and other areas that I focus on, there’s very little discernment between those companies that actually are generating sustainable cash flows and those that do not.

And we continue to see a lot of opportunities of high-quality businesses that are growing, that are trading at reasonable valuations, whether that be a 4% or 5% free cash flow yield, which in our minds is attractive to most other investment opportunities.”

One example is this small financial institution:

“Columbia Bank (NASDAQ:COLB) — it is an extremely high-quality bank, based in the Pacific Northwest. If you look at their dividend returns, including specials and regular, it’s over 5%…”

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