Redpoint Bio Corp. (RPBC.OB) featured company in The Wall Street Transcript

November 15, 2010

raysalemme.jpgDr. Ray Salemme, CEO of Redpoint Bio Corp., talked to the Wall Street Transcript about his company. Click here to read the complete interview.

TWST: Would you begin with a brief historical sketch of the company and a picture of the things you are doing at the present time?

Dr. Salemme: Yes, thank you very much. I joined the company about six years ago. I was recruited to put together a discovery platform that would take a scientific approach to modulating the sense of taste. Redpoint’s understanding of taste biology and its relationship to metabolism and satiety impact both the development of healthier foods and potentially, new approaches for treating diabetes and obesity. We are developing taste modulators for the food and beverage industry with the aim of enhancing sweet and savory flavors in food and beverage products, and so allowing reductions in the amounts of added sugar and salt. We believe that the development of healthier foods can significantly contribute to improving the overall health of the world’s population, since many modern diseases are related to excess dietary sugar and salt.

 Click here to read the complete interview.