iSECUREtrac Corporation (ISEC) featured company in Wall Street Transcript

July 15, 2010

peter-michel.jpgPeter A. Michel, President and CEO of iSECUREtrac Corporation (ISEC), talked to the Wall Street Transcript about his company iSECUREtrac Corporation  Click here to read the complete interview.

TWST: Give our readers a thumbnail sketch of iSECUREtrac. What is the company’s mission? 

Mr. Michel: iSECUREtrac Corp. (ISEC) provides a suite of electronic monitoring systems, including GPS tracking, remote alcohol monitoring, house arrest systems and biometric voice verification, as well as client management software and intense monitoring services for use in community supervision. The data provided by the company’s equipment and software concerning a client’s location and status better enables effective compliance management and positive behavior modification. So at a high level, we are in the business of assisting our public agency customers in their community corrections activities. But at a macro level, we help individuals make better choices about their behavior and significantly reduce the cost to society of overall community supervision, both of which have a very positive impact on society.