Eaton Corporation featured company in Wall Street Transcript

June 28, 2010

thomas-gross.jpgThomas S. Gross, Vice Chairman and Chief Operating Officer, Electrical Sector, for Eaton Corporation (ETN), talked to the Wall Street Transcript about his company Eaton Corporation  Click here to read the complete interview.

TWST: Give us an overview of Eaton and a brief explanation of what you do. 

Mr. Gross: Eaton today is best characterized as a broad power management company. We make products and provide services that help our customers manage three basic types of power – electrical certainly is one; hydraulic or fluid power, which is used in a number of areas, is the second; and the third is mechanical power that you typically find in vehicles like trucks, and commercial vehicles and automobiles. So our business is electrical, hydraulic and mechanical power systems. These are all in the spotlight today and given how important energy conservation always has been and continues to be, I think what we do matters a lot. The company is rapidly approaching its 100th anniversary. We were founded in 1911, primarily interested at that time in vehicles, and there has been a terrific transformation of Eaton from a vehicle component company to now a much broader power management company.