Michael J. Branca

MICHAEL J. BRANCA is a Managing Director at Lehman Brothers Global
Equity Research and Investment Bank in New York. He is the Senior
Analyst on Lehman Brothers United States Consumer Franchise research
team, which covers the Beverages, Food, Household Products, Restaurant
and Tobacco business sectors. As the Lehman Brothers Beverage analyst,
he has consistently been very highly ranked by the prestigious
Institutional Investor All-American Research Team poll and ranked by the
annual Greenwich Associates Institutional Research Services Poll in
every year since 1991. Mr. Branca has also consistently been highly
ranked in the Reuters Global Investment Research Survey and frequently
been named to The Wall Street Journal Analyst Poll (for both stock
picking and estimate accuracy) since the inception of both surveys in
the mid-1990s. Mr. Branca has actively served as a guest speaker at
various beverage and consumer product company meetings as well as
industry conferences and trade meetings. He is also quoted extensively
in the general press and in the trade and business press. As a Senior
Securities Analyst, he was previously associated with NatWest
Securities, Mabon Nugent Securities and Value Line. Mr. Branca is a
member of the Consumer Analyst Group of New York. He is a graduate of
Bucknell University and served as a Captain with the U.S. Army Corps of
Engineers as an International Liaison Officer.