Manny Carter

MANNY CARTER joined Eagle Broadband as President and Chief Operating
Officer in September 2001. His 35 years’ experience and expertise in
international marketing, operations, and sales are instrumental in
forging Eagle and its subsidiaries into a cohesive, effective team that
will respond quickly to both new and existing technology and marketing
opportunities. His goal is the successful execution of Eagle’s expanded
plans in the rapidly emerging broadband product and services market to
generate strong recurring revenue for the company as well as strengthen
its leadership position. Mr. Carter began his career with Mobil Oil in
New York, which included general management of Mobil’s overseas
affiliates. His assignments also included senior marketing
responsibilities in Germany, Australia, and Saudi Arabia. From 1986
until his retirement from Mobil in 1990, he was the General Manager of
Mobil’s International Marketing Operations. From 1990 to 1992 he was
Senior Vice President of MPSI in Tulsa, leaving in 1993 to become
Executive Vice President of International Operations for Pennzoil
Products. In 1997 he left Pennzoil to pursue his own consulting
practice. He is an established international business executive, his
international experiences having begun with a Fulbright Scholarship in
Berlin following earning a BBA degree with honors in International
Business from the University of Texas. Mr. Carter served as a First
Lieutenant in the United States Army in the field of military

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