Laura Eisman

LAURA EISMAN is Founder, CEO, and Creative Director of Girlshop, Inc.
Ms. Eisman founded Girlshop, Inc., in February 1998, born of her own
shopping frustrations and intuitions. An award-winning graphic designer,
Ms. Eisman was previously involved in the conceptual development, design
and launch of a variety of media startups. During the years 1993 to
1996, she served as Art Director of Wenner Media’s Family Life as well
as assisted in the launch of Marie Claire magazine and other Hearst
publications. In 1996 she took on the role of Creative Director for
iVillage, where she launched its three initial Websites. Presently, Ms.
Eisman oversees the marketing, public relations and branding efforts for
the company. She conceptualizes and implements new development
strategies, as well as oversees all visual, textual and identity
content. Ms. Eisman is continuously featured as a respected fashion
expert for television segments and publication columns.

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April 05, 2004