Mark Kay

Kay, Mark

Mark Kay is the CEO of StrikeForce Technologies, Inc., a public company on the OTC Bulletin Board that has developed proprietary software that specializes in preventing cybersecurity theft. Mr. Kay currently is an Advisor to BlockSafe and acts as the Chairman of the board as well. Prior to StrikeForce Technologies, Inc., he worked at JPMorganChase & Co., where, for the majority of his 26-year employment he was a Managing Director. During his tenure Mr. Kay globally led various strategic and corporate business groups. His responsibilities included Chief Operating Officer, Chief Information Officer and Global Technology Auditor during mostly relating to the Investment, Technology, Audit and Securities divisions. Mr. Kay was also Systems Engineer and Account Manager at Electronic Data Services — EDS — for over five years concentrating on the banking and health care sectors. He holds a B.A. in Mathematics from CUNY.