Grace Fey

GRACE FEY is an Executive Vice President and Director of Frontier
Capital Management Company, LLC, a $6 billion investment management firm
located in Boston, Massachusetts. From 1980 through 1988, Ms. Fey helped
build two small, independent investment management firms in the Boston
area. Her activities included portfolio management, equity and fixed
income analysis, and marketing. In 1988 she joined Frontier Capital to
spearhead the firm’s efforts in the wealthy individual and smaller
institutional markets. Ms. Fey is a chartered Financial Analyst and she
is a member of the Association for Investment Management and Research
and the Boston Security Analysts Society. She is a member of the
Investment Management Consultants Association, and a member of the
Social Investment Forum. Ms. Fey has been featured in BusinessWeek, USA
Today, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, The Wall Street Transcript and
Financial Planning on Wall Street, and she is a frequent guest on CNBC
and CNN/FN. She teaches seminars on topics such as ‘Managing Money for
Endowments and Foundations’. Ms. Fey was the former Chairman of the
Board of Trustees of the University of Massachusetts and is on the Board
of the Massachusetts Board of Higher Education, which oversees state and
community colleges. She is the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Zoo
New England (Franklin Park and Stone Zoos). She is an Overseer of the
Huntington Theatre, and is Director of The Commonwealth Institute and an
Overseer of the Boston Center for Adult Education and a Director of the
Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art, and on the Advisory Council of
Junior Achievement. She is a member of the Massachusetts Women’s Forum,
the Boston Club and the St. Botolph club. Her public board experience
includes Tucker Anthony, where she served on the Finance Committee, and
Bioject Medical Technologies, where she served on the Audit Committee.

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August 30, 2004