Gary Yancey

GARY YANCEY has been President, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of
Applied Signal Technology, Inc., since co-founding the company in 1984.
Applied Signal began with the charter of performing studies and building
deliverable hardware for telecommunications-oriented customers in the US
government. Mr. Yancey has guided Applied Signal into a prominent
position among US contractors as a provider of digital signal processing
equipment to collect and process telecommunications signals for signal
reconnaissance defense communications systems, and certain industrial
applications. Prior to co-founding Applied Signal, Mr. Yancey was
employed at ARGOSystems, Inc. , a manufacturer of electronic
reconnaissance systems. Starting as a senior member of the technical
staff at ARGOSystems, he assumed the positions of program manager,
department manager and finally Director of the Strategic Systems
Division, in 1982. From 1967 to 1974, he was employed at GTE Sylvania,
Inc., a defense electronics company. He holds an MSEE degree from San
Jose State University and a BSEE from Oregon State University.