THC Content of Grown Rogue Flower Awarded Top Prize: Will Investors Also Win Awards?

April 16, 2019

Jacques Habra is the Chief Strategy Officer of Grown Rogue International Inc. He is an award-winning serial entrepreneur recognized by national and regional media for excellence in entrepreneurship, leadership and innovation. Mr. Habra was the lead investor in FirstClick, SelfEcho and TrackR, which recently won $50 million in Series B funding through the Amazon Alexa Fund.

Mr. Habra led early-stage fundraising for Grown Rogue and initial marketing launch. Today, as Chief Strategy Officer, he focuses on investor relations, capital relationships and marketplace strategy. Mr. Habra graduated with degrees in philosophy and English from the University of Michigan with honors.

In this exclusive 3,604 word interview exclusively in the Wall Street Transcript, Mr. Habra details the strategy for bringing his cannabis products to market.

“We have outdoor flower as well as indoor flower. We actually broke a state record in potency for outdoor flower last December, which is really exciting, because as I said, Oregon is a very competitive state when it comes to agriculture and specifically cannabis cultivation.

To break records, to win awards around any cultivation is a real honor, and that intelligence, that knowledge, that best practice is another aspect that we can take across state lines as we expand.

So we have the flower, which is our number one seller; of course, it’s the number one most purchased cannabis product in the world.”

The Chief Strategy Officer acknowledges the hurdles in this fast growing innovative consumer product sector:

“It’s challenging. There are a lot of rules, and a lot of the rules are being made up on the fly. Even in California, which is the biggest cannabis market in the world, they’re still making the rules up as they go along. They’re still defining standards. They’re still figuring out how to allow this product to be in the marketplace but to do so in a very safe and effective fashion. We’ll see how that goes.”

Get the complete detail on the plans for Grown Rogue, exclusively in this 3,604 word interview in the Wall Street Transcript.