Is a Colonoscopy Still Needed or Can a Liquid Biopsy Test Become the New Standard for Colorectal Cancer Diagnosis?

July 20, 2018

Mark Pomeranz is Chief Executive Officer of Motus GI Holdings, Inc. With 30 years of experience in the medical device industry, Mr. Pomeranz brings a strong track record of success in both startups and large multinational organizations. Prior to joining Motus GI Holdings, Inc. in 2014, Mr. Pomeranz was the founding CEO of Svelte Medical Systems. Other previous positions include serving as a Vice President at Cordis, a Johnson & Johnson company, and in senior leadership roles at Cardiac Pathways Corporations and Cardiovascular Imaging Systems, both acquired by Boston Scientific Corporation. Mr. Pomeranz earned an M.Sc. in biomedical engineering from the University of Miami, a B.S. in mechanical engineering from Union College and currently holds 39 patents.

In this exclusive 3,211 word interview, Mark Pomeranz, the CEO of Motus GI, details his company’s strategy and outlook for near term growth:

“We are initially focused on the largest portion of the GI endoscopy market, which is colonoscopy. The Pure-Vu System enables a more successful colonoscopy by cleansing the colon as part of the procedure, so you are not depending on pre-procedural bowel prep to achieve a quality exam. We really look at the colonoscopy market as a key target, with an initial emphasis on the inpatient setting. Often there are issues impacting hospitalized patients’ ability to manage the colonoscopy prep effectively. These are folks who need a colonoscopy when they get admitted into the hospital, specifically, for emergent reasons or other workups.”

Brian Marckx, CFA, is the Director of Research and Senior Medical Device/Diagnostics Analyst at Zacks Investment Research. Mr. Marckx covers small and microcap medical device and diagnostic companies with a focus on development-stage companies with novel and emerging technologies, as well as already established names still flying under the radar.

In his 2,517 word interview with the Wall Street Transcript, Brian Marckz covers several micro-cap medical device companies including this one operating in the same sector as Motus GI Holdings:

“The main focus right now is colorectal cancer which VolitionRx’s test has shown to be have relatively high accuracy in detecting, even at early stages. The colorectal cancer diagnostic space is pretty fragmented. In the U.S., colonoscopy is the gold standard, but it is a relatively invasive and expensive procedure. Non-invasive options, such as fecal occult blood testing are not as reliable as colonoscopy but are much more convenient and do not even require a visit to the doctor. More recently, a fecal-DNA test was approved in the U.S. which has better performance than FOB tests but at approximately $400 a piece, it is not always an affordable option…Clearly there is a need for an accurate, non-invasive and inexpensive colorectal cancer test, and VolitionRx hopes to address that unmet need.”

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