Cancer Checkpoint Inhibitors are Enhanced by Aethlon’s Hemopurifier Removal of Immunosuppresive Exosomes

July 24, 2019

Timothy C. Rodell, M.D., FCCP, is Interim Chief Executive Officer and Director of Aethlon Medical, Inc. Dr. Rodell joined Aethlon in December 2018 as Interim Chief Executive Officer.

Previously, he was President, Chief Executive Officer and a member of the board of directors of GlobeImmune, Inc. from 2002 until 2016 prior to a majority acquisition of the company. He remains a member of the GlobeImmune board of directors.

During his over 30-year career in the biopharma industry, Dr. Rodell has built a wealth of experience in global product development, operations and financing, including raising over $300 million in domestic and foreign private and public financings.

At GlobeImmune, Dr. Rodell led the company through the advancement of five products from the bench into human clinical trials and closed multiple financings, including an IPO and the establishment of two major corporate alliances. Prior to GlobeImmune, Dr. Rodell was President and Chief Executive Officer at RxKinetix, Inc. and has held senior management positions at OXIS International, Inc. and Cortech, Inc.

In this 3,949 word exclusive interview with the Wall Street Transcript, Dr. Rodell reveals the current situation at Aethlon and explains his strategy for increasing investor returns in the company.

“…The most important thing they do, from our perspective at Aethlon, is that they are profoundly immunosuppressive. They block our normal immune system response to tumor cells. Our immune system is capable of recognizing tumor cells in the same way it recognizes bacteria and viruses.

Tumors have generated multiple different mechanisms of suppressing the tumor immune response. One of the places that we are looking to use the Hemopurifier is to remove those immunosuppressive exosomes to make therapies that use the immune system more effective.

There are a number of therapies I am talking about, but some of the most important ones are the so-called checkpoint inhibitors. These are the molecules that actually unleash the immune system.

For diseases like melanoma and lung cancer and a number of others, this therapy has shown a remarkable ability to control the tumor and allow patients to live, in some cases, years with very advanced disease.

What is striking about those agents, such as pembrolizumab and nivolumab, in patients who respond, the impact can be miraculous. Unfortunately, 70% to 80% of patients do not respond to therapy at all.

Our hypothesis is that if we can use the Hemopurifier to remove those immunosuppressive exosomes that have been shown in multiple labs to block the efficacy of those checkpoint inhibitors, then we will be able to increase the percentage of patients who respond and potentially extend the duration of those responses.”

Read the entire 3,949 word interview with the Aethlon Medical CEO, Dr. Rodell.