Bitcoin Bull Genius Ronnie Moas Sees 10x Your Money in a Year from this Simple Trade

April 30, 2019

Ronnie Moas is the Founder and Director of Research at Standpoint Research, Inc. He started Standpoint Research in 2004. He began his career on Wall Street as an analyst and market strategist at Herzog Heine Geduld.

Earlier, he worked at Shuki Weiss International Concert Productions where a few of his production credits included the Haifa Seaport Blues Festival, Bob Dylan, Radiohead, Buddy Guy and Suede. Mr. Moas was a sergeant in the Israeli army from 1987 till 1990.

In this wide ranging 3,579 word interview, Mr. Moas puts out a wide ranging explanation of his recommendations and the current and future upside to the cryptocurrency markets.

“They ask me, “What is backing bitcoin?” And my response is, “What is backing the U.S. dollar?” I am 52 years old. The U.S. dollar has lost half of its value since I was in high school.

At least bitcoin acts as a currency should, with upward pressure on the price. And it has a capped supply. There is no printing press printing this out the way you can print the U.S. dollar and devalue it.

I put out my bitcoin recommendation on July 3, 2017. It was at $2,570. It has jumped by more than 50% since then. On a fork-adjusted basis, the return was higher. My target looking out to next year is $28,000.

We are at $3,920 right now. I think there is, I would say, a 40% chance that we see $28,000 next year, which is not a bad return for something with a 40% probability — if you think my odds are accurate.”

Mr. Moas recommends specific cryptocurrency investments:

“You don’t want to try to be a hero and pick a flower from all of the weeds on There are hundreds of scams and names that are overvalued or worthless, and there is no regulation. You are playing with fire when you try to be a hero and look for things that nobody has discovered yet.

I think you should play it safe. I recommend putting 40% to 60% of your crypto money in bitcoin, and then, you spread out the other 40% to 60% across a dozen or two dozen names that are in the top 50.”

Get all the specific recommendations from Ronnie Moas of Standpoint Research in this 3,579 word interview on the cryptocurrency market, exclusively in the Wall Street Transcript.