Palo Alto Networks Inc (PANW) Technology Captures Significant Mindshare and Gains Traction in Market

September 26, 2014

Analyst Jonathan Ho of William Blair & Company says Palo Alto Networks Inc’s (PANW) next-generation firewall and advanced threat protection products are two areas where he is seeing traction in the market.

“When we talk to customers, resellers and industry leaders, we do feel like their technology has captured significant mindshare, and that we’re seeing a broader transition in the market from traditional firewall technology to the next-generation firewall,” Ho said.


Ho says that with regard to advanced threats, Palo Alto’s WildFire product is one that is garnering customer interest, as it has an attractive cloud-based capability. He expects Palo Alto to continue challenging traditional players in the market.

“In the next-generation firewall market, we see a lot of opportunity for Palo Alto to gain share and to continue growing in a market that historically had a lot of incumbent players that have not maintained competitive solutions. The traditional players in that firewall market and in the advanced persistent threat market, I think, are going to face more challenges from companies like Palo Alto over time,” Ho said.