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Suzanne Zak – Zak Capital Management

SUZANNE ZAK is CEO, CIO and founder of Zak Capital Management. A Chartered Financial Analyst, she is a graduate of Princeton University where she earned a Bachelor's degree in Psychology in 1982. The following year Ms. Zak earned an MBA from Rutgers Graduate School of Management. Her investment career started at Axe-Houghton in 1983, where she was an Equity Analyst. In 1985, she moved to J & W Seligman as Vice President and rose to Managing Director and Chairperson of the Growth Stock Selection Committee. Ms. Zak joined IAI in 1992 as a Senior Vice President. She managed the IAI Midcap Fund until her departure in 1997. Profile
TWST: Suzanne, introduce us to your firm.

Ms. Zak: We're based in Minneapolis. We were established in 1997 to

manage assets for institutions and high net worth individuals in both