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Opportunities In Open Source And Cloud Computing – Brad Zelnick – Macquarie Group

Brad Zelnick, Vice President and Senior Software Analyst, joined Macquarie Group in June 2009. Previously, he was a Senior Analyst covering security and application software at Bank of America, and prior to that he covered the software industry at the Bear Stearns Companies, Inc. Mr. Zelnick has more than 10 years of experience in the software industry in various capacities, including engineering, sales and business development. He has both public and private software company experience with several firms, including Oracle Corp., CA Technologies and Novell, Inc. Mr. Zelnick earned a B.A. in computer science and premedicine from Columbia University. Profile
TWST: What do you cover within the application software space?

Mr. Zelnick: When you think about software coverage over the years, many brokers would separate infrastructure software from application