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Jack W. Fisher – Wilson / Bennet Capital Mgmt

Jack W. FISHER is President of Wilson/Bennett Capital Management, Inc. Upon graduation from Virginia Tech in 1976 with a B.S. in Accounting, Jack Fisher accepted a position with the Public Utility Commission of Texas as Assistant Director of Economic Research. In 1976, the Texas Railroad Commission transferred regulatory authority of all Public Utilities in Texas to the newly formed Public Utility Commission in Texas. As Assistant Director Economic Research, Jack was responsible for conducting economic impact studies as they related to various public utilities within the State. In addition to economic oversight, the Department was responsible for providing expert witness testimony during rate proceedings conducted by Commission. When his tenure at the Public Utility Commission ended in 1978, Jack returned to Virginia. Sparked by an interest in the stock market, he entered the securities industry. His experience in the industry has been varied and extensive. As one of E. F. Hutton's youngest branch managers, Jack quickly moved up the corporate ladder, ultimately landing with E. F. Hutton Capital Management. Hutton Capital Management was responsible for the portfolio management and marketing of E. F. Hutton & Company's mutual funds and annuities. Shortly before Hutton merged with Shearson Lehman Brothers, Jack left Hutton to co-found Wilson/Bennett Company. Wilson/Bennett Company later spun off Wilson/Bennett Capital Management ('WBCM'), which is a large capitalization value manager. WBCM currently manages approximately $350 million in client funds. Clients consist of individuals, pension plans, endowments and investment companies. As portfolio manager, Jack is responsible for all buy/sell decisions and ultimately the total performance of all accounts. Nelson's Publications, an independent tracking service, has ranked Wilson/Bennett Capital Management the number one large capital value manager in the country for the trailing ten years. Profile
TWST: The key to the success of Wilson Bennett Capital management is

adhering to a rigid buy and sell discipline. First of all, what goes

into a buy decision? Where do you start?

Mr. Fisher: