Healthcare >> CEO Interviews >> March 25, 2015

Interview with the CFO: Galmed Pharmaceuticals Ltd. (GLMD)

Josh Blacher is the Chief Financial Officer of Galmed Pharmaceuticals Ltd. He joined Galmed in 2014 with six years of experience in biotech-related business development, investing and operations, as well as 14 years in capital markets. Prior to joining Galmed, Mr. Blacher served as Director of Business Development at Teva Innovative Ventures, Teva Pharmaceuticals’ early- and mid-stage investment and in-licensing arm. In that capacity, Mr. Blacher helped build and manage Teva’s portfolio of approximately 20 equity investments in biotech companies, spanning a wide range of development-stage companies from preclinical through Phase III projects, as well as various therapeutic areas. Previously, Mr. Blacher also held positions in portfolio management at Deutsche Asset Management and equity research at Morgan Stanley, as well as in mergers and acquisitions at Lehman Brothers. Mr. Blacher holds an MBA in finance from Columbia Business School.     Profile
TWST: Please start by telling us about Galmed’s founding and history.

Mr. Blacher: The company itself was founded in 1999 by Allen Baharaff, who is the current President and CEO,