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Equity & Fixed Income Strategies In A Down Market – William H. Chenoweth – Hokanson Associates

William H. Chenoweth is a Portfolio Manager at Hokanson Associates, a family wealth management and investment advisory firm. Mr. Chenoweth is a Chartered Financial Analyst with over 20 years of investment experience and holds a Master in Business Administration degree with an emphasis in Finance from Emory University. As a member of Hokanson Associates' Investment Committee, Mr. Chenoweth is responsible for researching and analyzing new and existing holdings for clients' portfolios. Prior to joining Hokanson Associates in 2008, Mr. Chenoweth was previously a Partner and Portfolio Manager for Nicholas -Applegate and Turner Investment Partners. He is a member of the CFA Institute and sits on the Board of Directors for Windy City Publishing. Profile
TWST: Would you start with an overview of Hokanson Associates and its investment


Mr. Chenoweth: Hokanson Associates is a comprehensive wealth management firm

based in Solana