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CHESTER L.F. PAULSON is Chairman and Founder of Paulson Capital Corp. In 1970, he and Jacqueline Paulson founded Paulson Trading Company to provide a trading arena for public companies in the Northwest. Now Paulson Investment Company, it has grown into the Northwest's largest independent brokerage firm encompassing retail business, trading and investment banking services. The firm's parent company is Paulson Capital Corp. In addition to his duties as Chairman of Paulson Capital and Paulson Investment, Mr. Paulson's primary activity is investment banking. Clients deal with the head decision maker, another favorable distinction from the larger banks. Prior to founding his own company, Mr. Paulson was head securities trader for Portland, Oregon-based May & Co. He earned his BS in Economics at the University of Oregon and his MBA at the University of Portland. Profile
TWST: What is Paulson Capital and what is its history?

Mr. Paulson: Paulson Capital owns the brokerage firm Paulson Investment

Company, a full service brokerage firm whose clients include