Richard M. Beyer

RICHARD M. BEYER is President and Chief Executive Officer of FVC.COM in
Santa Clara, California. Mr. Beyer joined FVC.COM in January, 1999, to
propel this world leader in enterprise video networking into the next
millennium. FVC.COM offers a broad family of interactive video,
streaming video and multi-service access products. Designed for high-
quality video delivery, integrated with voice and data, these products
enable applications such as distance learning, corporate communications,
virtual meetings and telemedicine. With unique expertise in video over
broadband, IP, and legacy networks, FVC.COM delivers all types of video
across enterprise Intranets and the Next Generation Internet (NGI).
Prior to joining FVC.COM, Mr. Beyer was President and Chief Operating
Officer of VLSI Technology, Inc. in San Jose, California from 1996
through 1998, and was responsible for all semiconductor activities,
including all product divisions, the manufacturing operations, and
corporate communications. During Mr. Beyer’s tenure, VLSI designed and
manufactured custom integrated circuits for specific target markets,
including wireless communications, networking, consumer digital
entertainment and advanced computing markets. Before joining VLSI
Technology, Inc., Mr. Beyer was Executive Vice President and Chief
Operating Officer of National Semiconductor. He assumed that position in
June, 1995. Mr. Beyer joined National Semiconductor in February 1993,
and was the President of the company’s Communications and Computing
Group. During Mr. Beyer’s tenure, National Semiconductor was a Fortune
500 corporation. Before joining National, Mr. Beyer served in a number
of senior managerial positions in the telecommunications and computer
industries. He was Vice President and General Manager of the Switching
Systems Division of Rockwell International. Previously, he was a
Division Vice President and General Manager at ITT Telecom (and then
within Alcatel after its acquisition of ITT Telecom). Prior to
affiliation with Alcatel/ITT, Mr. Beyer was a management consultant with
Booz, Allen & Hamilton, Inc., a New York management consulting firm. He
also held senior management positions with Burroughs Corporation in
London and Vienna, overseeing that company’s business activities in the
former USSR and Eastern Europe. Mr. Beyer served three years as an
Officer in the United States Marine Corps. He holds a B.S. and an M.S.
in Russian from Georgetown University as well as an M.B.A. degree in
marketing and international business from Columbia University.

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