Reginal D. King

REGINAL D. KING joined JPMorgan H&Q in 1996 with more than 10 years
experience in communications technology. For nearly three years he has
developed JPMorgan H&Q’s communications software research effort. Mr.
King led the research effort in the public offerings for SpeechWorks
(Lead Managed), Kana Communications, Apropos Technology (Lead Managed),
MCK Communications, Ulticom and Witness Systems (Lead Managed). Having
shared his insights on numerous industry panels, Mr. King is frequently
quoted on CNN, CNBC and in print. Prior to joining JPMorgan H&Q, he was
a Senior Business Analyst in the Hewlett-Packard Company’s networked
computer division. Prior to joining HP, Mr. King served as the Senior
Analyst and Director of the United States Army’s only deployable foreign
communications systems analysis team. He received a BS from the United
States Military Academy and an MBA from Harvard Business School.