John Freeman

JOHN FREEMAN is the equity analyst covering network equipment for
Precursor, an independent investment research firm focusing on tech,
telecom, and media. Mr. Freeman has over 15 years of experience in the
networking industry. Prior to joining Precursor, Mr. Freeman served as a
technology and strategy consultant to companies such as Motorola,
Nortel, Newbridge Networks, Intel, IBM, and private equity firms such as
Signal Lake Partners, Lotus Interworks, and Sunrise Capital. Mr. Freeman
also served three years as Director of Business Development for Paradyne
following the company’s acquisition by the Texas Pacific Group, and
played a key role in what is considered the most successful LBO in the
technology sector to date. Mr. Freeman began his career in Japan, where
he worked in both hands-on network management and sales/marketing roles.
He has written numerous articles, reports and technical white papers
covering very technical as well as business/investment-related issues in
computer networking and telecommunications. Mr. Freeman graduated from
Harvard with a BA in East Asian Studies.