David O. Nicholas

DAVID O. NICHOLAS, CFA, is the President and Chief Investment Officer of
Nicholas Company, Inc., and the Portfolio Manager of Nicholas II and
Limited Edition Funds, the mid-cap growth and small cap growth funds.
Mr. Nicholas joined Nicholas Company in 1986 and became President in
1998. He has been the Portfolio Manager for Nicholas II and Limited
Edition since 1993. He also serves as co-Manager of Nicholas Fund and
Nicholas Equity Income Fund. He graduated from Hartland Arrowhead High
School and earned his Bachelor of Business Administration degree from
the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1983. Upon graduation he became
employed by First Wisconsin bank as a credit analyst, and concurrently
earned his Master’s degree in Finance and Investments at the University
of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in 1986. Mr. Nicholas is married to wife Lori,
who earned an Actuarial Science degree from UW ‘Madison. They have one
daughter, Katie. When not working, he enjoys golf, basketball, coaching,
reading and skiing.

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October 04, 2004