David K. Grant

DAVID K. GRANT, President and COO of Shurgard Storage Centers, Inc.,
joined the company in November 1985 as Director of Real Estate. He
served as the company’s Executive Vice President and Director of Real
Estate Investment from December 1993. In January 1996, Mr. Grant became
President of Shurgard Europe and moved to Brussels, Belgium, where the
company’s European headquarters are located. During this time, he also
continued to serve as an Executive Vice President of Shurgard. He
returned to the United States in August 2003 to take on the role of
President and Chief Operating Officer. He also served as Interim Chief
Financial Officer from January 2004 until September 2004. Mr. Grant has
a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration and a Bachelor of
Science degree in Accounting, both from Washington State University.

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