Brian Christensen

BRIAN CHRISTENSEN is Vice President of David Vaughan Investments, Inc.
Mr. Christensen is actively involved in the investment management
process, interacts with clients, and maintains a leadership role in the
Florida marketplace. He researches companies and evaluates client
portfolios to meet changing needs. He grew up in Normal, Illinois, and
received his BS in both Finance and Management in 1986 from Eastern
Illinois University; he earned his MBA from Illinois State University
the following year. Caterpillar immediately snapped him up, and Mr.
Christensen’s career there covered everything from trading foreign
currencies to pension fund management. He later received his Chartered
Financial Analyst designation in 1994. Mr. Christensen and his wife have
a young son and daughter, and their lives revolve around basketball,
baseball and volleyball schedules. Like many other DVI co-workers, he
is an avid outdoorsman.