Sabra Health Care REIT CEO Rick Matros Details the Sabra Health Care REIT Success Story

August 17, 2018

Rick Matros has served as Sabra Health Care REIT, Inc.’s Chairman of the board, President and Chief Executive Officer since its inception in 2010. He was Chairman and CEO of Sun Healthcare Group, Inc., from 2001 until the transaction that created Sabra in 2010. Mr. Matros founded and served as CEO and President of Bright Now! Dental from 1998 to 2000, remaining a director through its subsequent sale in 2010. In addition, Mr. Matros was a Principal and Partner of CareMeridian, LLC, a company specializing in traumatic brain injuries, from 1998 until the sale of its operations in 2006.

In this 3,753 word exclusive interview, the CEO of Sabra, Rick Matros, describes his strategy and detailed vision in the Wall Street Transcript.

“And so while we’re always looking at companies to partner with and ways to grow, things really came together for us last year. CCP was a REIT that had been spun out of Ventas about a year and a half earlier, and they were open to the idea of merging with us. So we were able to get that merger accomplished in the summer of 2017 and very quickly followed that with a large senior housing investment and a large skilled nursing investment, which further diversified the company.”

The various healthcare categories are all represented in the real estate mix for Sabra and Rick Matros details all of them:

I think, like some of our peers on the skilled nursing side, that things are, if not bottomed out, pretty close to bottoming out. We saw a lot more stability with tenants in the first quarter, and I think that you’ll see the stability continue to improve with senior housing as well over the next couple of quarters. And certainly, on the skilled nursing side, we expect to start seeing an upturn in performance next year. Senior housing has had some oversupply issues, so it may be another year, maybe call it 2020, before you really see senior housing upturning, but it’s already in pretty good shape to begin with, so it’s not like it fell down that far.”

Read the entire interview in the Wall Street Transcript to get the complete picture.