Pzena Investment Management Portfolio Manager John J. Flynn Captures the Upside

October 22, 2018

John J. Flynn is Principal and Portfolio Manager at Pzena Investment Management. Mr. Flynn is a co-portfolio manager for the U.S. small-, mid- and large-cap value strategies. Mr. Flynn also serves as a co-portfolio manager for the Pzena Mid Cap Value Fund and the Pzena Small Cap Value Fund. In this capacity, he is part of the team responsible for the day-to-day management of these mutual fund portfolios.

Mr. Flynn became a member of the firm in 2005. Prior to joining Pzena Investment Management, Mr. Flynn was an associate at Weston Presidio, a middle-market private equity investment firm. He earned a B.A. in music from Yale University and an MBA with distinction from Harvard Business School.

The Pzena Investment Management portfolio constuction philosophy is detailed in this exclusive 4,027 word interview with the Wall Street Transcript.

As portfolio manager, John Flynn makes sure the investment process remains disciplined:

“Our process is really designed to take the emotion out of the investing process. So when you go and look for a good business that’s trading at a discount to what you think it’s worth, pretty much always there’s a problem and pretty much always it’s something that people don’t want to touch.

And so by taking the emotion out of that process and systematically identifying and researching these opportunities, it allows us to really go to where the most compelling opportunities are.”

His analysts dig deep into the companies that are cheapest relative to earnings and cash flow:

“We go through the cheapest opportunities, and we assign them to the analysts based on their industry coverage. The analysts are then tasked with completing what we call an initial review and answering three basic questions: What does this company do; how does it make money? What happened — so why is the stock cheap? And finally, what do we have to believe in order to get comfortable with this investment?”

Get the top recommendations and their full detail in this 4,027 word interview with John J. Flynn, Principal and Portfolio Manager at Pzena Investment Management.