Investment Grade Debt Generates Alpha for thisTop Level Portfolio Manager

November 15, 2018

Peter Strzalkowski, CFA, serves as Co-Team Leader of OppenheimerFunds’ Investment Grade Debt team and is a Portfolio Manager of the Total Return Bond Fund, Oppenheimer Limited-Term Government Fund and Oppenheimer Limited-Term Bond Fund.

Before joining the firm in August 2007, Mr. Strzalkowski served as Managing Partner and Chief Investment Officer of Vector Capital Management, LLC, a structured products money management firm he founded. He received a B.S. from Virginia Commonwealth University.

In this exclusive 3,464 word interview, Peter Strzalkowski explains his investing process in detail.

Mr. Strzalkowski is looking to create alpha above the broadest investment benchmark he can:

“We’ve been slowly de-risking the portfolios as risk premia has come down. We get paid less, so we have less risk on, but that’s still an overweight. And when it comes to mortgage, agency mortgages, we are flat to the benchmark.

When it comes to asset-backs, we’re definitely overweight, and I’m not sure if we’re overweight versus our competitors, but we definitely have an overweight in asset-backs, specifically auto ABS. We do not hold any student loan ABS. We have a small allocation to credit card ABS, and we have a small allocation to private label mortgages, but those are all legacy deals from 10 years ago. They’re just stored in our books.”

“I have fixed currency in terms of risk and where I spend it; I try to do the best possible places, interest rates is another of them. However, this is a big caveat here, whenever the Fed is on the march, whether it’s easing or tightening, the front end of the curve is always affected first, and it has not been any different this time.”

Creating value above benchmark returns is a constant deployment of investment decisions, read the entire 3,464 word interview with Peter Strzalkowski of OppenheimerFunds in the Wall Street Transcript to get the complete detail.