Celsius Holdings (NASDAQ:CELH): From $5 to $50 Per Share in 12 Months, Can it Go to $500?

April 7, 2021
John Fieldly is the CEO of Celsius Holdings traded with ticker CELH

John Fieldly, CEO, Celsius Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ:CELH)

Cameron Donahue is the Investor Relations contact at Celsius Holdings

Cameron Donahue, Investor Relations, Celsius Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ:CELH)











John Fieldly is CEO of Celsius Holdings, Inc. He is a results-driven executive with an extensive consumer goods background and over 20 years of broad financial and operational experience.

In April of 2018, Mr. Fieldly was named Celsius Holdings Inc.’s CEO.

Prior to that, he had been the company’s CFO since 2012. Since beginning his accelerated career at Celsius (NASDAQ:CELH), he has demonstrated a proven track record of driving robust business results and shareholder value.

In his current role as CEO, Mr. Fieldly uses his strong background in financial leadership and operational expertise to focus on and to maximize resources to drive revenue, corporate efficiencies, and shareholder value.

Cameron Donahue is the Investor Relations contact at Celsius Holdings, Inc. He has been also been affiliated with Hayden since joining the firm in 2000. He received a degree in finance from Coastal Carolina University’s Wall College of Business Administration.

In this 3,229 word interview, exclusively in the Wall Street Transcript, these two executives detail the outstanding results of their company over the last 12 months and project future success with their business strategy.

“… Historically, we’ve been selling an emotional selling story. But now, due to our scan data and some of the Nielsen data we’re getting, and the velocity levels, Celsius warrants additional shelf space.

So it’s moved from an emotional selling story into a financial selling story. And Celsius more than pays for its shelf space when you look at the velocities that are turning at retail. We feel it’s getting much easier, but still a very competitive category.

We have such a great story aligned with today’s health and wellness trends, consumer trends, and then the velocity levels we’re seeing at retail. And being the third-largest energy drink brand on Amazon really shows you, giving Celsius the same opportunities — apples-to-apples opportunity in retail — Celsius will perform at the same level, if not better, than the leading energy drinks in the category.

So as many investors are trying to beat the S&P, these buyers in retail are trying to beat the Nielsen scan data category. And in order to do that, you need to bring on these fast-growing innovative brands that are attracting new consumers to the category.

Celsius is 50/50, male/female. And then also, new consumers entering the category for the first time are looking for products that are aligned with their health and wellness trends, the goals, and Celsius very much aligns with that.

In addition, consumers that are aging out of traditional energy are looking for alternatives, and Celsius is capturing that audience as well.

So it’s a great story. We’re working on getting it out there even more and we’re looking to convince more retailers each and every day.”

The key to continued success for CELH is distribution:

“Our goal right now is to get Celsius more distribution, where our consumers are. And historically, we’ve been distributing at the gym and the health clubs, and we’ve expanded into grocery, mass and drug.

And right now, we’re starting to gain traction in the energy category or in the convenience channel and that’s really where about 70% of energy drink sales traditionally have been sold.

So that’s a really exciting time for us. There’s higher velocity levels in the convenience channel.

And we also, just most recently, brought on a national distribution network of over 150 DSD — direct store delivery — partners, of which we cover about 85% of the major metropolitan markets in the United States right now.

So we’re really excited about that, activating our distributors, getting further distribution, increasing our ACV — all commodity volume — in our targeted markets.

I think what’s so important about that distribution game though, as far as making that shift from the traditional early-stage wholesale distribution to this national direct store delivery, is that we typically see velocities at least double in those existing stores.

We’ve historically had kind of between a 30%-35% organic growth rate in our same-store sales.

And so, as they have turned over to DSD, and especially now that we have  national coverage, we’ve been allowed to transfer over these national accounts, for example Target, and in the process with CVS.

We also have started the process with 7-Eleven, which I believe will start in May. So there’s going to be a significant number of doors that’s going to add additional velocity to those same-stores as well as the new penetrations that we’re getting from the spring resets.”

A broad age demographic supports the distribution roll out strategy for CELH for 2021 and beyond:

“Historically, we’re seeing 18 to really 44 as really our sweet spot right now, but absolutely. It’s really the product for anyone looking for additional energy; that usage occasion has extremely expanded outside of the gym and health clubs and we’re seeing that.

We’re seeing audiences really engage with us on social media and a variety of different platforms and it’s a broad consumer base, which is really exciting to see.

It’s not that traditional energy drink consumer — that 18 to 24 male — it’s a broader demographic.

And that goes back to why retailers need to carry Celsius, because we attract a much broader audience, tracking the new consumers entering the category that are looking for alternatives, or converting consumers who have been drinking some of those leading energy drink brands, traditional energy drink brands, over the years and really looking for something that aligns with their health and wellness goals.

Celsius is well positioned to be a leader in the energy drink category field with our health and wellness position, our fitness, lifestyle position, as well as the velocity levels we’re currently seeing in existing accounts and the opportunities that lay ahead.

As we activate these distributors, 150 distributors, we feel we’re well positioned. We’re excited where we’re at. We’re not providing any forward guidance but we’ll take it quarter by quarter here. But there’s a lot of momentum underneath the brands, and we look forward to delivering.

We’re working hard.”

To get the full picture from the Celsius Holdings (NASDAQ:CELH) John Fieldly, read the entire 3,229 word interview, exclusively in the Wall Street Transcript.

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