Blockchain Technology Stocks DigitalX Ltd. (ASX:DCC) and BTL Group Ltd. (CVE:BTL): Why Not Buy Both?

April 19, 2018

Leigh Travers is CEO and Managing Director of DigitalX Ltd. (ASX:DCC). Mr. Travers is Vice Chairman of the Australian Digital Commerce Association — ADCA — and Chair of the Initial Coin Offering — ICO — Industry Working Group.  His newly public company enjoys a public listing in his native Australia.  In his exclusive interview in the Wall Street Transcript, Mr. Travers explains the development of his company into a publicly traded blockchain technology corporation.

“DigitalX is publicly listed on Australia’s ASX, trading under the symbol DCC. And with offices in both Perth and New York, we are the leading publicly listed company offering initial coin offering corporate advisory services to a global clientele. DigitalX was initially founded in 2013 as a bitcoin mining operation by tech entrepreneurs out of Australia and the U.S. We raised $9 million to list and scale up a bitcoin mining operation that was hosted out in Iceland using geothermal power. We now provide blockchain consulting services and software development.”

The company’s strategy is to move from straight exposure to crypto-currency pricing into consulting services:  “…through our corporate advisory and consulting work, we’ve continued to accrue digital assets. So we actually just posted our half yearly report, and that showed record profits of $8 million. And while it showed that the gains in our financials were due, at least in part, to a value appreciation in digital assets, just under half of those gains were from consulting and corporate advisory work. While the price of DigitalX is linked certainly to the price of bitcoin, this shows that we’re not just purely tied to what the price of bitcoin is doing, as we’re a business that’s out there consulting and advising.”

Another publicly traded blockchain technology company is run by Dominic McCann, who is CEO of BTL Group Ltd. (CVE:BTL).  Mr. McCann’s career spans over 20 years in finance, industry and management consulting. His experience includes leading sales teams and building enterprises by delivering innovative technology products to market. Before joining BTL Group Ltd. in 2017, he was at SAS Institute where he oversaw a decade of new business growth and led a global team helping to establish the SAS Global Oil and Gas Business Unit across Australasia and EMEA.  His company has developed a proprietary platform for corporate users looking to unlock the power of the blockchain.

The Interbit platform is industry agnostic, meaning it’s not been built to suit just one industry; its use cases are endless as to where blockchain could be deployed. So the platform in itself enables a blockchain application to be built for any sort of business or developer challenge. For example, if you look at the current OneOffice project we are running, now having grown to nine energy companies of which five are super majors, the project represents over a trillion dollars in company revenue. This is a significant use case of Interbit blockchain, enabling the ability to reconcile and to settle massive volumes of gas trades between these organizations.”

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